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1. David Jay She blamed him for stoking up controversy In a dreamworld It's a long way down from Heaven's gate In the absence of a jury The case continues White lies Seal his bitter fate The case continues 2. Peter Murphy Take a fish And a potato Hold the fish And the potato In your hand In your hand Put the potato In the fish Make it digest it Smash it up Smash it up Smash it up Smash it up This is how you make fishcakes This is how one makes fishcakes Smash it up Poke it up Fishcakes Fishcakes Fishcakes Fishcakes Put it down the fish Put it down the fish Throw it against the wall Stamp on the fish Fishcakes Fishcakes Fishcakes Fishcakes Throw it on the wall Smash it on the wall Throw it on the wall Smash it on the wall Fishcakes Fishcakes 3. Kevin Haskins Do you always keep drumsticks on the piano? Take it easy Avoid risks And if possible, stay at home Not only is trouble very difficult But your are advised of staying off ladders For there may be the danger of performance There is a lot of stress and strain Both at work, and at home But we know Tomorrow is another day 4. Daniel Ash Naturally enough The others have been doing their utmost to match this performance This is something people get when they continually drink whiskey I can't drink I hardly eat these days Ok, that's fine . . . .