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Pennywise Back 1. Greed 2. My Own Country 3. Can't Believe It 4. Victim of Reality 5. Might Be A Dream 6. Still Can Be Great 7. Straight Ahead 8. My Own Way 9. One Voice 10. Alien 11. Watch Me As I Fall 12. Just For You 13. Can't Take Anymore 14. American Dream 15. Need More 16. Never Know 17. Badge of Pride GREED Everything you see you always think you need You are so crazy motivated by greed You never take responsibility You only waste your time when you fuck with me All you do is take you see my hatred grows Can't take much more I'm about to explode You'll see a side Of me I've never shown You'll feel pain like you've never known Got enough but you want it all In it for greed now you're gonna fall Here we come gonna ruin your day Time has come It's your turn to pay The mighty dollar is your only care You're movin' up but you're going nowhere You say you only want to get your share But you still want more no you won't play fair you'll never ever quit you won't be denied You sit and watch your money multiply To get what you want you'll cheat and lie But I know - you won't be satisfied Today is a good day for suffering MY OWN COUNTRY Fools run the government sick foreign policy Their words sound valiant but their hands are green Unending quest for power Taxes that make us slaves Don't believe a word of it ignore the fucked up things they say I'm gonna make it on my own Dictator on a throne Make my own philosophy U.S. of me A citizen who's really pissed United Anarchists Give me death or liberty I am my own country United States Confederate of Me Old whigs in parliament play bedroom politics Salacious stories make them look obscene Spin on your nemesis fill up the news today Don't believe a word of it not all the fucked up things they say it's ail me No secret police CANT BELIEVE IT Wait! Can't Believe it Another victim another life another wasted casualty The youth are shooting, robbing and looting violence plagues society in LA. you see it everyday on your TV on your front page you can try but you can't wish it away I said wait can't believe it drunk and loaded in the street hatred flowing through their veins no respect for human life a world that slowly goes insane on your front page on your TV it's the endless urban tragedy in your dark thoughts and wildest dreams can you imagine a worse society and when I think I can pretend I turn on my TV again and all the fucked up things I see I can't believe how this can be. VICTIM OF REALITY Take a ride and you will see another dose of reality It's your life that becomes a victim of me I think I'm sick and you will see Because one good shot and you=ll end up dead It's violence on the streets and it will never end The world is not built for me and your my next victim Victim of reality Voices screaming in my head telling me the path that I tread It's not sane but it's where we're fed You're gonna end up dead It's not something new to me a body in the street free publicity for me and you a world we've known a world that is so cold MIGHT BE A DREAM The look in your eyes tells me you can't disguise why won't you try and face the truth You're stuck nowhere I can see that you don=t care It doesn't seem like it means much to you I'm sick of listening to you whining It might be a dream instead it means nothing It could be everything you wanted it to be It might be a dream instead it means nothing It could be everything you wanted it to be It might be a dream I see you everyday wasting your time away afraid to try afraid to lose don't know why you can't see you could have everything or nothing at all it's up to you you've always got to keep on trying You know you're life could be all you want it be keep getting closer day by day Images in your head and they wont go away if you don't try you'll only fail Peaceful Day Listen up everyone there's something wrong We got the answers in our sights now But somehow still we struggle along Looking for solutions in a threatening sky But we never get an answer Just a chorus of voices wondering why We're stuck here without a peaceful day It's a promise in the night I'll be okay The superlative is telling me that help is on the way Won't someone tell me how will I make it through today Looking towards the future and all I can see Is the next generation looking back With pity on me Hunting for some insight or mean to change But do we have the will to or will our Future look the same How can I live when you won't let me in How can I die without reasons why How can I laugh when I want to cry How can I go on with nothing nowhere How will I make it . . . .